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kart men hena lbkra is Vodafone's offer in Ramadan 2023, where Vodafone's Ramadan offer gives you free shipments for Vodafone, units and megabytes as a gift in Ramadan.

A card from here to tomorrow about a shipment, you will receive shipments as a gift for you and your loved ones. You can send it to any number of your friends to benefit from this offer.

Kart details from here to reel

A card from here until tomorrow Ramadan 2023 is Vodafone’s offer, as with every recharge you will get 50 times the recharge that you can enjoy today. If you recharge 20 pounds, you will enjoy 1250 units as a gift, which means you will get 50 times the recharge, and you can also send 50 recharges to your loved ones and friends, and they can also Send it to other numbers by displaying a #card_from_here_to_tomorrow

Kart codes from here to reel

Thank you from here to tomorrow because you are Vodafone!

You received 40 shipments as a gift for 14 pounds, and another gift tomorrow!

shipments for you means 700 units for your gift. Call *1# for 25 piasters-

And you can still send 30 shipments to any of your loved ones for free from

Kart terms from here to reel

The card is valid for 24 hours from the time of shipment.

The gift shipment is valid from 3 to 8 hours, depending on the value of the shipment.

The gift shipment fee is only 10 piasters to benefit from.

How to charge a card from here to reel

To benefit from a card offer from here to tomorrow, dial the code One Star, counter *1#, and to send the gift to another number *1*number#, or through the Ana Vodafone application.

The value of the gift is in the form of units and minutes for Vodafone and megabytes, and the minute for Vodafone is worth one unit, and the minute for other networks is worth 5 units.

Find out the remaining balance of the prepaid card from here to reel

To find out the number of remaining units, dial *1#

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