Gold prices today 2/1/2024 in Egypt

Gold prices today are down 6 pounds at the end of trading sessions and 21 karat at 783 pounds

Gold prices fell in evening trading today, Tuesday, by 6 pounds, bringing gold down from 789 pounds per gram of 21 karat, which is the most popular in Egypt, to 783 pounds per gram, at the time of drafting these lines, to close the market with a noticeable decline.


Today’s gold prices are 24 karat at 3895 pounds per gram, gold prices today in the Egyptian market are 21 karat at 3383 pounds per gram, and 18 karat at 671 pounds per gram, 24 karat at 3895 pounds per gram, and the gold pound is 6264 pounds per gram, and an ounce of gold records 1773 dollars.



Gold prices are still under constant pressure from the strength of the dollar, which is reflected in the price of gold in Egypt, as the price of an ounce of gold fell today from 1792 dollars to 1773 dollars, due to the strength of the dollar, with the continued rise in the US bond yield.



The market is witnessing continuous developments and changes in the prices of the precious metal, as the price of gold fluctuated between ups and downs, as the price was happy to 1860 dollars, then gold continued its journey down to 1773 dollars due to an increase in the yield of US bonds as well as the strength of the dollar.

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